Investment Portfolio Review Service


This is a free service that many investors have found very useful. Investors who already have an investment plan or portfolio in place can have it reviewed by one of our advisers to make sure it is structured correctly to achieve their future lifestyle goals. Click here to arrange a free Portfolio Review.


Investment Advice


At Blackmore Wealth Management our aim is to help each client create their own Personalised Retirement Plan based on their needs and goals.


We help clients in retirement:

  • Define their retirement spending needs and goals.
  • Develop a personalised Retirement Income Plan. Click here to request further information.
  • With advice to assist them make sound financial decisions.
  • Ensure money is always available to meet spending needs throughout retirement.
  • By constantly reviewing the Portfolio Managers to ensure they achieve portfolio returns that will enable our clients' retirement needs to be met.


For those clients saving for retirement we help clients:

  • Define their retirement wealth potential.
  • Develop a Personalised Wealth Accumulation Plan. Click here to request further information.
  • Provide advice to assist sound financial decisions.
  • By constantly reviewing the Portfolio Managers to ensure they achieve portfolio returns that will enable our clients' future retirement needs to be met

 Our advice is based on the clients' needs - not ours.



 Investment Management


We have formed a strategic partnership with NZ Funds as the Co-ordinating Manager for the stewardship of our clients' savings. NZ Funds is one of New Zealand's leading Fund Managers and one of the few New Zealand owned Fund Managers. They have a history of performance and innovation based on achieving the retirement goals of New Zealanders.To receive more information about NZ Funds click here


NZ Funds utilise the Managed Portfolio Service (commonly known as MPS) as the investment platform for our clients. MPS allows clients access to up to 11 Portfolios which are designed specifically to meet our clients' needs. All portfolios are accessed via a single account. Click here to find out more about the Managed Portfolio Service.

Our clients' needs are further met by our first priority of aiming to protect their capital from unrecoverable losses. Achieving the required level of income for an enjoyable and dignified retirement lifestyle then comes next.

The needs based approach to the design of our clients' Investment Portfolios enables us to structure their portfolios to ensure they have the right mix of assets, based on their goals, needs, age and risk profile.


Client Reviews


We meet regularly with each client. This annual event is an essential part of our service which allows the adviser to gather information regarding any changes to the plan that have taken place over the previous period. It also allows both the client and their adviser to plan for any anticipated changes in the future by realigning, if necessary, the client's portfolio to suit their future needs.


Whilst the review is annual, clients are able to discuss their needs and any required changes at any time. At each review we also discuss how the markets, managers and portfolios are performing and, if necessary, refine the client's investment portfolio relative to our client's evolving situation.


When changes are required we undertake these as and when required - not just annually.


Client Reporting


Our six monthly Portfolio Review details clients':

  • Current portfolio structure.
  • The investments they own.
  • The performance of each component of their investment portfolio. 

The client is also able to select the level of information in their report.


 Estate planning


Estate planning can give people peace of mind that they have a plan in place that will take care of their needs and preserve their assets for themselves and for their loved ones. At Blackmore Wealth Management we can offer advice on three key aspects of Estate Planning:






Enduring Powers of Attorney


If you would like further information regarding Estate Planning click here.



Retirement Planning - KiwiSaver


KiwiSaver can be a great opportunity for people to get ahead with their retirement savings. It comes with valuable tax advantages, generous government financial assistance and, if you are employed, help from your employer.We have assisted many clients to join KiwiSaver as well setting up accounts for their children and grandchildren.


It is important that people consider their options carefully and make informed decisions about the type of KiwiSaver scheme they invest in.


If you are interested in joining KiwiSaver, or you would like to review your current KiwiSaver scheme, click here to contact us.