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  • Do YOU know the 7 questions you should ask your financial adviser?

    27th June, 2019
  • Finding a financial adviser who you can trust with your savings is paramount. You need an adviser you can trust with the systems and policies in place to ensure your investment is in safe hands.  

    Here are some questions that you can ask your financial adviser, or a prospective adviser, to help give you peace of mind.

    1. Who holds the ownership of the investments?

    2. Where are you depositing your investment capital?

    3. How can I be sure that the price that is applied to my units reflects their current value?

    4. Does the firm operate a consistent advice process and how is this reviewed?

    5. Does the organisation require staff to take compliance leave?

    6. Do you receive third party verification of your investment holdings?

    7. Do you have the ability to check your investment online?

    For more details, check out the article at http://nzfundsblog.blogspot.com/2019/06/seven-questions-you-should-ask-your.html by Peter Ashworth (Principal of New Zealand Funds Management Limited and an Authorised Financial Adviser).