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  • NZ Funds Covid-19 Update 9

    7th May, 2020
  • NZ Funds’ 9th Covid-19 update looks at what shape the market recovery might take:

    • NZ Funds' growth portfolios have performed better than the share market.
    • It's half time for global share markets and time to digest the impacts of Covid-19.
    • The debate centres around the shape of the recovery: 'V', 'U', or 'L'.
    • NZ Funds has no strong opinion re which shape will triumph.
    • Clients' investment portfolios and KiwiSaver are set up to add value under all shapes.
    • The managers have a strong opinion on the ability of financial markets to recover faster than the real economy.
    • NZ Funds' goal is to mitigate the downside and generate significant capital gains using different types of financial assets.
    • Remaining invested in financial assets for the long term provides an incredible opportunity to build wealth.

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