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  • NZ Funds’ Investment Philosophy

    13th July, 2020
  • NZ Funds' recent 'Investment Insights' outlines their investment philosophy and the reasons for opting for an actively managed Fund Manager:

    "The investment philosophy which underlies NZ Funds is for each of our clients to hold a globally diversified portfolio with downside mitigation. Using specialist investment managers and our in-house active management approach, we seek to maintain a balance between preserving capital and growing wealth".

    What is Active Management?

    "We take an active approach to managing clients’ portfolios. Our approach enables us to better meet the objectives of each Portfolio and to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. In times of volatility, active management guides clients’ portfolios through cycles, especially during inflection points in the economic cycle."

    NZ Funds' Active Management approach has proven to be successful throughout the market impact of COVID-19. Click on the link below to access the full article: