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  • KiwiSaver Retirement Planning

  • We are very strong advocates of KiwiSaver. Every day we see the difference it makes in the financial futures of our clients.

    Since its introduction in 2007, KiwiSaver has helped over 2.7m New Zealanders better financially prepare for their retirement.

    But, as with so many things in life, with KiwiSaver there are do’s and there are don’ts.

    Getting the most out of KiwiSaver, and making sure that your Scheme and Fund match your needs is best undertaken by an Authorised Financial Adviser.

  • We provide a FREE KiwiSaver advice service that includes:

    • Ensuring your choice of Scheme and fund matches your unique needs
    • Help with processing first home withdrawals, retirement withdrawals or any other changes
    • Advice on optimising member tax credits
    • Reporting and ongoing monitoring of your Scheme.

    You can join or transfer to the NZ Funds KiwiSaver Scheme.

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  • NZ Super
  • NZ Superannuation

  • Do you have a long-standing Superannuation investment scheme?

    Maybe it was originally offered as part of a workplace savings programme 10 or 20 years ago. There's a good chance whichever investment manager originally offered it has long since been swallowed up and disappeared.

    Consider these questions:

    • Are you making the most of the KiwiSaver employer and government benefits on offer?
    • Do you know what Scheme you are in? Did you pick it yourself or did your employer or the Government pick it for you?
    • If you are saving for your first home does your KiwiSaver fund match your need? Would you like to talk through the first home benefits with an expert?
    • How does the performance of your current Scheme stack up?
    • Does your current KiwiSaver Scheme automatically reduce your investment in higher risk growth assets as you near retirement?
    • Does your KiwiSaver apply environmentally and socially responsible investing guidelines when selecting investments?
    • Would you like to increase your KiwiSaver savings rate?

    Dust off your old Super and bring it in. We can help you understand what it is, whether you can access it and what alternative investment options you may have.

    After all, it's your money. We believe you should control it!

    So – if you've once had a Norwich Union, Prudential, Colonial, Sovereign, AXA, Guardian, Royal & Sun, Tower Super fund we'd love to help you get it back to working for you.

  • Kiwi Superannuation Advice Provided By Blackmore Wealth Management In Nelson And Blenheim NZ

    A short chat with us about your KiwiSaver will be time well spent – and our advisory service is FREE.

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  • AU Super
  • Aussie Super Transfers

  • Have you worked in Australia at all since 1992?

    If so, then it is likely you will have money sitting in an Australian Superannuation account. Trans-Tasman Superannuation portability took effect on 1 July 2013, enabling transfers from Aussie Super to your KiwiSaver Scheme.

    Why transfer your Australian Super to KiwiSaver?

    Transferring your Australian Superannuation Scheme savings provides a number of benefits:

    • It will enable you to consolidate your retirement savings in NZ, your country of residence;
    • You will avoid paying fees and charges on accounts in two countries and in multiple schemes;
    • You will have easier access to information on your total retirement savings in the one place;
    • Transfers of retirement savings from Aussie to NZ are exempt from any entry or exit taxes; and
    • The New Zealand tax regime is generally more advantageous to NZ resident investors than the Australian regime.

    Transferring is easy and free. We can guide you through the process. Working with our KiwiSaver partner we'll liaise with your Australian Super provider to get your funds to the right side of the ditch!

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    Our FREE service will advise you of a KiwiSaver Scheme that both matches your needs and efficiently processes Australian Superannuation Transfers.

  • UK Pension
  • UK Pension Transfers

  • Do you have a pension in the UK you would like to bring to NZ?

    Perhaps you've already transferred your pension and now you're wondering if the NZ QROPs Scheme your adviser recommended is right for you?

    We offer friendly, objective and easy-to-understand pension advice for UK expats.

    We can help you:

    • Navigate the complexities of UK pension rules and determine if a transfer to or within NZ is right for you;
    • Figure out what funds you can access and when;
    • Determine if you should convert your pension to NZ $ or leave it in UK £ to eliminate currency risk;
    • Understand and prepare for any tax liabilities in NZ or the UK; and
    • Keep up to date with your QROPs once it's transferred, with online reporting and regular reviews.

    Plus, we'll liaise with your UK Pension provider to get your transfer completed with a minimum of fuss. And our fees are very competitive, with minimum upfront fees and cost-effective QROPs investment options.

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    Our FREE advisory service will help you understand your options so that you can make a well-informed decision about the best way to bring your UK pension to New Zealand.